The smaller plaques can be drilled on the back taking care not to go too deep. Use a rawlplug to size and screws then attach a strong multithreaded wire to span the screws at the back of the plaque, twisting the wire to avoid it slipping.

Some plaques have two predrilled holes in the top that may need clearing out a little. Remember, if you are drilling, do this from the front to the back using a masonry bit.

Alternatively, plaques can be embedded into a wall. There are some very good adhesives available, although you must test them first.  The large and heavier plaques will need brackets to support the weight.

wall plaque hanging
terracotta sundials


The sundials work on a south facing wall but they are not totally accurate. The brass stick that we supply is called a gnomen and when this is in place, you need to line it up at midday.

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