We create bespoke designs and commissions for companies and individuals alike; this can range from a simple engraving to a full custom design. Please get in touch, we would be delighted to discuss your project.

Making your mark

Your emblem, logo or coat of arms can be used to embellish a vase. A seal is made from your artwork and pressed into the clay before firing. We can also carve a relief plaque to add to the surface of a piece.

Bespoke case study: Echoing the past

Italian Terrace was commissioned to produce a number of oil jars to replicate those once positioned on the terrace steps of a heritage property in Highgate, London. The only evidence of how the urns looked was a newspaper cutting of a visit to a tennis party held in the grounds of the house. The Italianate terrace and gardens were designed by the Edwardian architect Harold Peto.

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