Since Italian Terrace began over 25 years ago we have planted up many pots. These important instructions are vital to the life of your pots, which are made to endure the winter climate and can remain outside, providing our instructions are followed.

Our experience has taught us that plants and pots with poor drainage can suffer. Drainage is therefore vital and our tried and tested instructions below should always be followed for the health of plants, and the life of your pots. Oil jars and tall pots have different potting up requirements due to their shape, please view our advice leaflet for full instructions.

How to pot up terracotta pot - raise pot

1. Raise the pot from the ground with pot feet or risers.

How to pot up terracotta pot - add crock

2. Place crock in the bottom of the pot to about a ¼ full. Fill up the gaps with shingle, which adds more weight to the base.

How to pot up terracotta pot - add liner

3. Put the liner, geotextile, above the crock and up the inside of the pot.

How to pot up terracotta pot - slow release feed

4. Add some soil and shingle to cover the base of the liner and spread out. Add your plants soil and slow release feed.

water pots regularly

5. Check your pot regularly. Remember that the soil and plants in pots dry out alot quicker than in the ground.

repot every couple of years

We suggest repeating steps 2 and 3 every couple of years. Remove everything, clean, replace the crock and liner and add new compost. Prune the plant roots then replant.

how to pot up large terracotta pots

Full advice leaflet

For more information on how to pot up, pot styles, weather care and more, please download our advice leaflet.

View advice leaflet
plant suggestions for terracotta pots

Plant suggestions

View a list of pot-friendly plants that we like; the choices are wide and varied and we are always happy to discuss.

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terracotta pot inspiration


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