Apr 292010

As you are all well aware this last winter has been the coldest and most prolonged for 30+ years and according to the science press we are in for more in the future. On that cheery note we would like to give advice on looking after pots during these periods.

Remember in all climates to plant following our careful and thought out instructions. For healthy plants and pots good drainage is critical. If pots are empty, like the oil jars where no planting is neccesary, free of soil, plants and water  they can be left outside all year.

Think of you planted pots as you would any exposed pipework. Would you lag your external pipes?  Do not tempt fate with your lovely pots. We recommend they are wrapped in hessian, fleece or bubble wrap, not very pretty, but hessian can look quite chic.  The statues at Versailles are wrapped up each year and emerge for a Spring unveiling.

Dont forget about your pots.

1. Empty them every 2/3 years clean them out.
2. Check the drainage hole is clear.
3. Replace the crock, at least a 1/4 of the pot should contain crock.
4. Replace the terram liner.
5. Add new soil, slow release feed and plants.

6. Admire