Sep 102014

After several requests and orders we are now producing prints of the watercolour created for our brochure.

They are for sale at £65.00 each for unmounted numbered prints. The artist Jane Brettell is a very talented artist and has exhibited widely.

Take a look through the brochure linked here, brochure, and see if you would like to order one, two or six? Send us an email or call the office and can discuss more details.

Sep 102014


Its Calamondin Orange time again. These prolific fruit producers are excellent in pots. Easy to move in those colder months. Here at Italian Terrace we keep ours in a greenhouse at about 3 degs and they start to flower early March. We will harvest the fruit late September when they are a little sweeter. Lots of uses other than marmalade, which is delicious. use in drinks instead of lemon or lime. great for cooking with meat instead of Kumquats.

The pot in this picture is the Tinozza in the 55cm size, so simple.