May 252010

Our stand takes 3 to 4 days to build and plant up at Chelsea. It is sometimes stressful, but mostly good fun and we have a great team.

Thanks to Chris Roper, Martin Savage, David Tyler and Nigel Carter who are always a huge support, hard working and always inventive.

May 232010

Lots more accomplished today despite the draining and relentless heat of the sun. Fortified by a cup of strong coffee, we started the day potting up the large Archi, Stemma and Finestras with fabulous deep purple lavender. Spent a fair amount of time sourcing the right plants for our sweet maschera and ovale planters and hit gold with the most amazing auriculas and violas.  All in all it’s been a memorable build up and after all the hard work we’re ready and looking forward to showing off our pots. We’re keeping a list of what plants we’ve used and where they were sourced. Pop by the stand and we’ll be glad to share this with you.  Hope to see you on the corner of Southern Road SR22 sometime this week.

May 212010

Day two of build up at Chelsea and the stand is really taking shape.  The small set backs of yesterday are now long forgotten.  The plants are outstanding this year and we are very grateful to our friends who helped us out in a pinch.  A large Colonna takes centre stage this year with outstanding clematis supplied by a grower from Guernsey. Our new designs look great with the Impero planted for the first time with agapanthus – thank you Tom H. Finishing touches on the finishing touches over the weekend.  Hoping we see lots of familiar faces from Monday.

May 182010

Really excited about this pot Vaso Impero Liscio. We have made it in 2 sizes 70cm and 50cm wide at the top. They will be at Chelsea and we are thrilled that Tom Hoblyn has chosen to place 2 on his show garden on Main Avenue. The design is based on the Imperical designs of the Napoleonic era. We are looking forward to filling it with big flowering plants, will try a few ideas at Chelsea. All the new designs will be on the website in a day or so and we shall link them from here asap.

May 182010

Pilone is another square pot with some height so very good for a climber. It is in 2 sizes, not sure which size will be at Chelsea yet but I am planting it with a twisted stem Bay (hopefully). By the way Pilone means Pillar which it does look like.

May 182010

This pot is called Cubo Grande and it is grand. we are launching these at Chelsea this year so do come and take a peek. Really love this pot such a strong shape will grace any doorway with structured planting. Just the one size at 65cm. It is pictured here with the Plain Risers under each corner.

May 182010

We love these new low pan planters. Great for herbs, sedums or pelargoniums. This pot is called Catino which means basin, not quite so glamorous as its Italian name sounds. Catino is in 3 sizes and will be appearing on Tom Hoblyns garden at Chelsea this year.

May 092010

This wonderful peony is called Molly the Witch. Our garden would not be the same without her, a gift from a great plantswoman Rose de Jardin (her real name)

This peony would be fabulous in a pot and is on the shopping list, we dare not dig her up.

‘Molly’ is really hard to find, so if anyone out there knows where, do let us know.