Sep 102014


Its Calamondin Orange time again. These prolific fruit producers are excellent in pots. Easy to move in those colder months. Here at Italian Terrace we keep ours in a greenhouse at about 3 degs and they start to flower early March. We will harvest the fruit late September when they are a little sweeter. Lots of uses other than marmalade, which is delicious. use in drinks instead of lemon or lime. great for cooking with meat instead of Kumquats.

The pot in this picture is the Tinozza in the 55cm size, so simple.

Sep 202011

Never thought I would plant what I have always considered to be a weed in a pot. However the Lavatera Barnsley Pink (mallow) has been splendid. No regrets and will be chopping back a little this year and then a big chop after frosts in Spring. Its been great value in everyway. A small 2 litre pot plant has filled our big Vaso Classico 95cm pot in no time with a fantastic display all summer.


May 092010

This wonderful peony is called Molly the Witch. Our garden would not be the same without her, a gift from a great plantswoman Rose de Jardin (her real name)

This peony would be fabulous in a pot and is on the shopping list, we dare not dig her up.

‘Molly’ is really hard to find, so if anyone out there knows where, do let us know.